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Community Engagement


Throughout his tenure, Dustin has put a lot of emphasis on community engagement both on- and off-duty. Dustin believes it is difficult to fully understand a community and its needs unless one is actively involved in that community.


Dustin can frequently be seen supporting local community organizations, participating in community discussion panels or simply chatting with community groups and organizations to get a feel for challenges they might be having. 

Some examples include:

  • Participation in the Eastern Illinois Foodbank Prom Court as well as other activities throughout the year to help curb hunger in the community

  • Participation on the Executive Board and with community meetings with the Champaign County Community Coalition

  • Actively showing support for the LGBTQ community to help bridge the gap with law enforcement

  • Participation in community forums such as pros and cons of legalized marijuana and how to encourage a healthy workplace.

  • Speaking to a variety of community groups on how to reduce victimization

  • "Ride-along" with a farmer through the Champaign County Farm Bureau to get a new perspective on how to encourage community safety during planting and harvest seasons.

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